Bob Collins Feature Archive

While the rest of the world says goodbye to a year, a family in Massachusetts said goodbye today to a son and husband. (12/31/2013)
The question of whether the National Security Agency's massive collection of telephone data is legal is likely heading for the Supreme Court after today's ruling from a federal judge in New York that it's constitutional. Here are six things to know about the ruling. (12/27/2013)
Timing is everything. If you were searching the Delta Airlines website today, maybe you were one of the lucky ones to get a flight for $5. (12/26/2013)
A divided Minnesota Supreme Court today upheld a state law that allows a city or county to seize and sell an automobile if the person driving it was driving drunk. (12/26/2013)
Many Americans, this week's news stories confirm, don't have a clue what the First Amendment says or what it means. (12/20/2013)
On the day Anne Tabat was born, her grandmother gave her a cookie recipe book. She's been "the cookie lady" ever since. (12/19/2013)
It's been a few months since Minnesota's health exchange website went live on the Internet and there's only a week left until the cutoff to apply for coverage that starts on Jan. 1. The politicians involved have let themselves get into a particularly nasty pickle: If they admit the obvious, their political careers are at stake. (12/18/2013)
At least for now, the mass collection of phone records is an unreasonable search under the Constitution, federal judge Richard Leon ruled today. (12/16/2013)
Bob Collins writes that the new state law to drug test people who receive welfare benefits provides a perfect case study in how the Minnesota Capitol can be a fact-free zone when setting public policy. (12/16/2013)
It's that time of the year, when the business media turns its journalistic role over to the public relations department of the business communities. (12/02/2013)
The Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that a business owner is not entitled to any more money from Dakota County than he was given when his property was taken by eminent domain. It did so largely on this question: What is a "community?" (11/27/2013)
In the face of increasing bad publicity, GoldieBlox announced that it's dropping its lawsuit against the Beastie Boys for the right to use the song "Girls." (11/27/2013)
At the Christmas City of the North parade in Duluth, Northland News Center anchors bundled up in parkas to cover the parade live. But they weren't actually at the parade. (11/26/2013)
The area around Highway 61 and Interstate 494 in Newport-South St. Paul might be the most foul-smelling location in the Twin Cities. On the Newport side a recycling facility and an oil refinery fills in the odorous gaps that a wastewater plant and a bulk terminal leave in the senses. (11/26/2013)
The Minnesota Supreme Court took some bite out of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act when it ruled today that contracts between private firms doing business for a government entity can remain confidential. (11/20/2013)