Bob Collins Feature Archive

In a report today, the Fed says Minnesota is rapidly catching up to Wisconsin in the total number of jobs. Wisconsin has been more populous than Minnesota but the gopher state is closing that gap too. (06/26/2013)
As midnight approached, nearly 6,000 tweets per minute were being posted about the filibuster, CNN reports. A YouTube live stream had almost 200,000 viewers. (06/26/2013)
What do musical artists owe an audience other than what they consider their art to be? In matters of rock music, the question goes as far back as 1965, when Bob Dylan went electric at Newport. The crowd hated it. And Saturday at Rock the Garden, a Low a set-opener from Low also met mixed reactions. (06/17/2013)
If you drive a car while intoxicated in order to avoid being beaten by your husband, you cannot avoid a drunk driving license revocation, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled. (06/10/2013)
The Minnesota Supreme Court today rejected the argument that if an employer's sexually explicit behavior is extended to both women and men in the workplace, it's not sexual harassment under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. (05/22/2013)
Maybe it's time to think about doing things differently, farmers. You can't tell by Minnesota weather, but there's still a drought underway in the country, and that's bad news for many of the nation's farmers. (05/04/2013)
Here are 10 questions based on news events this week. Let's see how well you've paid attention. Please report your score in the comments section. (04/12/2013)
Curiously this week, the conversation has -- for the most part -- only been about the cyclist, and nothing about what can be done to make the environment in which they ride safer, which is too bad because the answer to that question is: a lot. (04/05/2013)
Here are 10 questions based on news events this week. Let's see how well you've paid attention. (04/05/2013)
The St. Paul Foundation is going to make someone $1 million richer if their idea for improving life in Saint Paul is selected. The organization has been collecting ideas with its Minnesota Idea Open and the entry period is closed and the suggestions are now posted. (04/04/2013)
The FAA has now released the list of airport towers it intends to close on April 7th, due to the sequester cuts. (03/22/2013)
Ojibwe women are walking with a pot of water from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. (03/12/2013)
Many of the air traffic control towers slated to close under "the sequester" are at airports without airline service. (02/22/2013)
The Minnesota Supreme Court has thrown out the case against a man for rating a doctor online. (01/30/2013)
The Minnesota Court of Appeals today provided a graphic account of why Minnesota locks up people after they've served their prison time under the theory that they might offend again. (01/07/2013)