Bob Collins Feature Archive

The Pew Center, which puts out a dizzying number of surveys, is out with one today that claims Hispanic voters are less likely to vote in the upcoming election than they were in 2008. (10/05/2010)
Federal regulators say they're investigating the near-collision of a US Airways jet and a small cargo plane over Minneapolis. (09/23/2010)
A somewhat unusual case decided by the Minnesota Court of Appeals Tuesday, involving a suspect whose baggy pants fell to his knees when he was arrested. The police officer pulled his pants up, and felt a gun in his pocket. The court ruled today that did not constitute an illegal search. (09/14/2010)
A report issued today by Environment Minnesota said "extreme weather" is likely the result of a warming planet. (09/08/2010)
The three DFL candidates for governor are debating one last time this evening before Tuesday's primary will eliminate two of them from the race. Bob Collins live-blogs the DFL gubernatorial debate at the Fitzgerald Theater, sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio News. (08/08/2010)
Bob Collins, author of MPR's News Cut blog, joins us on the air with his take on today's news. (07/13/2010)
Today, a Vikings stadium bill was born, with just a few weeks left in the 2010 session of the Minnesota Legislature. Proponents are citing the relatively low cost of interest rates and construction costs, saying waiting would cost $50 million. (05/03/2010)
Spirit Airlines is dropping some fares down to a penny. Beyond that penny, all the customer has to pay is the $52 fuel fee, and $45 dollars to travel with luggage, and a $40-per-year membership fee. Oh, and $19 in taxes, too. (04/07/2010)
News Cut's Bob Collins follows up with Census Bureau officials about how they'd save $510 million by sending out the letter with advance warning that Census forms would arrive next week. (03/12/2010)
You probably have not received your census form in the mail quite yet, but most American households have received an "advance letter" from the Census. (03/10/2010)
Letters are being sent to every household in America this week warning that a census form will soon follow. Newscut's Bob Collins roughly calculates just how expensive the mass-letter was. (03/09/2010)
The Minnesota Appliance Rebate Program, funded by $5 million in federal stimulus money, closed just 24 hours after it began. News Cut's Bob Collins was on Morning Edition to talk about why it was so popular in Minnesota. (03/03/2010)
If you travel much on I-35 about 30 miles north of the Twin Cities, check out a billboard ad you can see when driving southbound. It comes up just before you get to Wyoming, Minnesota -- about 30 miles north of St. Paul. On the billboard is a smiling photo of former president George W. Bush. Next to him, the words asks a simple question "Miss Me Yet?" (02/10/2010)
A billboard featuring former President George Bush asks the question "Miss me yet?" (02/09/2010)
The girls of Wrenshall High School's basketball team lost a game to Moose Lake 65-0 in December. They have every right to be dispirited, but amazingly, they're not. (02/03/2010)