Steve Seel Feature Archive

On his newest CD, "White Moth," Australian Xavier Rudd charts his spiritual journey over the past few years. On this release, he pays respect to Australia's indigenous people, and features guest vocals from Aboriginal singers. (06/20/2007)
It was about a year ago that Sound Team visited the Current studios. They have been touring as a five piece band for a little over two years now. (06/07/2007)
Eleni Mandell's debut album Fishbone was released in 1999 to rave reviews including being named best local singer by the Los Angeles Magazine and best song writer by the Los Angeles Weekly. (06/01/2007)
The sound of The Last Town Chorus can be described by a room full of people and each individual will undoubtedly have their own take on it. The lap steel guitar adds another layer of melody to their refreshing sound. (05/24/2007)
While the Minneapolis-based Umbrella Sequence utilize the basic guitar/drums/vocals of their indie-rock peers, they also use a smattering of laptops, drum machines, and an old-school Nintendo Gameboy to achieve their distinctive sound. (05/10/2007)
In the 9 years since Air's "Moon Safari" became one of electronic music's most celebrated recordings - while simultaneously helping to redefine the genre itself - the duo of Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin have emerged as increasingly detail-oriented soundscapers, and sought-after collaborators as well. (05/02/2007)
Melbourne's Love of Diagrams sound like they emerged from the early '80s. They've got a choppy, call-and-response sound similar to Mission of Burma. (04/26/2007)
Vieux Farka Toure's father, like many parents before him, did not want his son to become a musician. And like many children before him, Vieux ignored his father's wishes and took up the guitar. The added little twist to this timeless tale is that Vieux's father was Ali Farka Toure, one of the most celebrated Malian musicians of all time. (04/25/2007)
David Walker has made it his mission to warn Americans about the perils of the national debt for future generations. (04/18/2007)
The Seattle based band has gone through quite a few members since their 2001 debut, but one thing remains consistent - their dynamic sound. (03/21/2007)
Whistle once on an album and you may be doomed to be tagged as a whistler forever. Luckily for Andrew Bird, famed in the indie rock world for his whistling, might be able to pass the torch to whistlers-du-jour Peter Bjorn and John. (03/16/2007)
After years being a member - an outspoken member - of big bands such as Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello is stepping out on his own. (03/16/2007)
There are great rock songs with meaningful lyrics that touch you and change your life. Fujiya & Miyagi don't write those kind of songs. (03/16/2007)
Nigerian musician Fela Kuti invented Afro-beat, the blend of jazz, funk and traditional African music that was the introduction to "world" music for many Americans. Antibalas, a Brooklyn-based collective of about 17 musicians, carry on Fela's legacy of making danceable, politically aware songs. (03/16/2007)
Eddie Baranek and organist-bassist Bobby Emmett come from Detroit and play swaggering garage rock. They've been touring with their self-titled album that includes the single "Just Got Robbed," which sounds like a staple of classic rock stations even though it was written in 2005. (03/15/2007)