Steve Seel Feature Archive

Brian Eno's career as producer, musician, sonic innovator and experimental artist spans four decades. He spoke with The Current's Steve Seel. (10/02/2009)
Sondre Lerche recorded his debut album "Faces Down" in 2000, which received praise in both Europe and America. (09/23/2009)
After 50 years in music, Byrd's founder and guitarist Roger McGuinn continues to tour, perform and record a folk song every week to pay homage to his roots. (09/17/2009)
With the release of his eighth album "Blood of Man," Mason Jennings is exploring a world that is remarkably foreign from the one he has called home for seven previous albums. While the electric guitar is in no way a new piece of futuristic equipment, Mason has used it to create a sound that is a bit darker and edgier than anything he has done before. (09/15/2009)
What happens when one of the leading lights of Christian-crossover indie rock loses his faith? (09/01/2009)
With the release of her tenth studio album, "Abnormally Attracted to Sin," Tori Amos continues to challenge ideas and stereotypes. In her latest record, she peers into concept of attraction. (08/06/2009)
I can only say that I was "agog" as Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth sat before me in our studios playing DJ for this latest edition of "Theft of the Dial." (07/31/2009)
The Jayhawks originally formed in the winter of 1985 in Minneapolis. Founding members Gary Louris, Mark Olson, and Marc Perlman haven't performed together as The Jayhawks since 1995 -- until a reunion in Minneapolis earlier this month. (07/17/2009)
Want to fill your plate with food from our local farms? It's more complicated than we often realize. Join moderator host Steve Seel, food critic for Minnesota Monthly Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl and Scott Pampuch, chef at the Corner Table in Minneapolis. (05/08/2009)
Having worked with Zooey Deschanel, Jenny Lewis, and Lucinda Williams, one might think the Portland-based singer-songwriter M. (Matt) Ward is the "it guy" to work with if you're a female singer-songwriter. (04/25/2009)
It was a thrill of a lifetime for me to welcome indie-rock statesman Robyn Hitchcock to the DJ booth for a Theft of the Dial today. He was all the things he has the reputation for being: elegant, funny, genteel, and surreal. And he was a great DJ! Listener Mike wrote in during the session and asked, "Steve - can you get him in once a week?" (04/24/2009)
Propelled by the support of bloggers early on in their career, the Cold War Kids have maintained their mystique and draw to keep the buzz going. (04/15/2009)
Join Steve Seel as he hosts our first Policy and a Pint of the season, as we analyze "The Budget Breakdown -- from Washington to Minnesota." (04/14/2009)
Finding his beginnings in The Squirrel Nut Zippers and his rock group A Bowl of Fire, Andrew Bird has grown his folk/rock loop-filled whistling songwriting style into a signature solo sound. (04/13/2009)
Minneapolis natives Halloween, Alaska have been swiftly spreading their musical prowess since their formation in in 2002. (04/10/2009)