Steve Seel Feature Archive

The Jayhawks originally formed in the winter of 1985 in Minneapolis. Founding members Gary Louris, Mark Olson, and Marc Perlman haven't performed together as The Jayhawks since 1995 -- until a reunion in Minneapolis earlier this month. (07/17/2009)
Want to fill your plate with food from our local farms? It's more complicated than we often realize. Join moderator host Steve Seel, food critic for Minnesota Monthly Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl and Scott Pampuch, chef at the Corner Table in Minneapolis. (05/08/2009)
Having worked with Zooey Deschanel, Jenny Lewis, and Lucinda Williams, one might think the Portland-based singer-songwriter M. (Matt) Ward is the "it guy" to work with if you're a female singer-songwriter. (04/25/2009)
It was a thrill of a lifetime for me to welcome indie-rock statesman Robyn Hitchcock to the DJ booth for a Theft of the Dial today. He was all the things he has the reputation for being: elegant, funny, genteel, and surreal. And he was a great DJ! Listener Mike wrote in during the session and asked, "Steve - can you get him in once a week?" (04/24/2009)
Propelled by the support of bloggers early on in their career, the Cold War Kids have maintained their mystique and draw to keep the buzz going. (04/15/2009)
Join Steve Seel as he hosts our first Policy and a Pint of the season, as we analyze "The Budget Breakdown -- from Washington to Minnesota." (04/14/2009)
Finding his beginnings in The Squirrel Nut Zippers and his rock group A Bowl of Fire, Andrew Bird has grown his folk/rock loop-filled whistling songwriting style into a signature solo sound. (04/13/2009)
Minneapolis natives Halloween, Alaska have been swiftly spreading their musical prowess since their formation in in 2002. (04/10/2009)
What a thrill, what a gas, what a treat it was to have Bob Mould take over the DJ chair for another edition of Theft of the Dial. (04/03/2009)
Dan Auerbach wants to make records like RZA of the Wu Tang Clan. Like RZA, Auerbach takes his influences and feeds them into music except he takes it into another direction to make his gritty, soulful blues on his new solo album "Keep it Hid." (03/10/2009)
I can think of no better musician to inaugurate our new feature, Theft of the Dial, than Michael Franti. A gentleman, a wellspring of generosity and positive energy, and also a very funny guy. Oh: and someone with great taste in music too, natch. (02/18/2009)
It's been over four-and-a-half years since The Hopefuls released their debut "The Fuses Refuse to Burn." Formerly named The Olympic Hopefuls until the Olympic committee protested, they've had more changes than just their name before the release of their new album, "Now Playing at the One-Seat Theater." (12/16/2008)
It's natural that the Flaming Lips' new dramatic feature film, Christmas on Mars - conceived by bandleader Wayne Coyne and billed as "a fantastical film freak-out" - should contain all of the psychedelia, drama, humor and hopefulness that fans have come to love about the band's music itself. (12/15/2008)
Ryan Adams may have left behind the confines of the "alt-country" genre long ago, but the moniker still tends to cling to him - despite having spent a fair chunk of the past decade-plus making music that has drawn from a broad and deep well of influences. (12/10/2008)
Minneapolis' Dan Wilson has been known as many things: frontman in Semisonic and guitarist in Trip Shakespeare, Grammy Award winner for writing The Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready To Make Nice," and producer for two of Mike Doughty's albums. He's also worked with musicians like Rachael Yamagata, Mandy Moore, Jeremy Messersmith, and Jason Mraz. In 2007, Dan Wilson released a solo album, "Free Life" on Rick Rubin's American Recordings. With all of that on his musical resume, he still calls the Twin Cities home. (12/09/2008)