Steve Seel Feature Archive

Back in 2008, when Adele last joined us in our studio, she was a 20-year-old with a strong debut album and a number one hit in England. Two years later, she has accomplished wonders. Her soulful blues vocal style won her a Grammy in 2009 for Best New Artist as well as a number eleven slot on the Billboard 200. (10/21/2010)
Mixing every genre imaginable, from soul to full-fledged hip-hop and dream-pop to funk, Janelle Monae has become a modern day musical prodigy. (09/23/2010)
Villagers' debut album "Becoming A Jackal" has been named the greatest Irish album since U2's debut "Boy" back in 1980. That's a hefty title to live up to, but frontman Conor J. O'Brien does it admirably. (09/22/2010)
These guys are masters of texture and atmosphere, and furthermore, atmosphere in the service of beautifully dejected, I'm-the-last-guy-at-this-bar kind of heartache. (09/14/2010)
The Heavy's first single - "That Kind of Man" - from their 2007 debut album "Great Vengeance and Furious Fire" was an instant hit around The Current. So much so that we invited the band to play The Current's stage at the 2008 South By Southwest Musical Festival. (07/15/2010)
With a three-night stand at First Avenue and a re-issue of their debut self-titled album, also known as The Bunkhouse Record, alt-country rockers The Jayhawks know how to celebrate their 25th year as a band and Twin Cities legends. (06/18/2010)
Jeremy Messersmith's first album, "The Alcatraz Kid," earned him the title of the premier under-30 songwriter in the Twin Cities courtesy of City Pages. Since then, he's further honed his clever songwriting and indie-rock & pop chops. (05/04/2010)
According to music aggregator Metacritic, Spoon are the best band of the 2000s, which is nothing to sneeze at. Their excellent new record, "Transference," keeps the Austin four-piece's rock revival tone while channeling lyrical inspiration from frontman Britt Daniel's personal life. (04/02/2010)
With their sweet melodies and distinctive vocals, the Australian quartet The Temper Trap has been heard all over the place since 2009 - radio, movies, television shows, and commercials. (03/23/2010)
Brothers Dan and Matt Wilson have been playing together since they were kids. They've both had successful careers in bands like Semisonic, Trip Shakespeare, and Twilight Hours as well as solo work. But they've never shared the stage for a solo show before. They will later this month, when they play a show at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis. (03/16/2010)
"2" is the straightforwardly-titled second outing from Duluth's Retribution Gospel Choir. (01/26/2010)
Few people in the indie-rock world have had three separate successful careers. Lou Barlow is known as much for his solo work as his tenure as the bassist in Dinosaur Jr. and as the founder of the alt-country/folk supergroup Sebadoh. (11/20/2009)
Growing up in an Appleton, Wis., household separated from pop music, Cory Chisel had to turn to other musical sources for inspiration. Gospel, blues, and Americana all played an important part in shaping his musical voice. (11/18/2009)
After nearly 15 years as a band member and side-project collaborator, David Bazan has finally released his debut solo album, "Curse Your Branches", on Barsuk Records. Bazan began his songwriting career as a member of Pedro the Lion in 1995, and has since collaborated with Vic Chesnutt, Micah P. Hinson, and many others. (10/28/2009)
"Strict Joy" is, without a doubt, as grippingly gorgeous a record as anything we've come to expect Glen Hansard to be associated with over the years. (10/23/2009)