Dominic Papatola

Critic at large, State of the Arts
Minnesota Public Radio

Dominic Papatola Feature Archive

The Minnesota Center for Photography is running two exhibits that take viewers inside the world of women and girls. Lauren Greenfield's "Girl Culture" shows a spectrum of femininity from little girls to showgirls. Some Minneapolis girls didn't think their lives were well-represented in those images, so they took some photos of their own. (01/14/2005)
Dominic Papatola, theater critic at the Saint Paul Pioneer Press and regular guest on State of the Arts, wonders if politicians should forego the $600 toilets seats and spend lavishly on the Arts. (05/14/2004)
There's a thrill in making good art—an adrenaline rush, a terror, a sense of pride. It's addicting. You can catch that thrill vicariously, as an audience member or as a critic—but only if you've had the original experience a few times. (04/16/2004)
Word that "The Lion King" was returning to Minneapolis next year didn't send thrills down my spine—I've always thought the Disney musical was a pretty kitty, but one with not much roar. (03/23/2004)
It's taken a few years, but finally we're seeing artists lifting their heads and realizing that the only way to survive is to think big and live bold. (03/12/2004)