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Eugene Cha Feature Archive

Energy auditor Mike Childs takes a look at a 1916 St. Paul bungalow and provides tips for saving money. (10/06/2005)
"Tommy John" surgery for pitchers has saved big league careers. Two Minnesota Twins are in different stages of their grueling comebacks from the procedure. (09/05/2005)
Lindsey and Andy Lee moved to Minnesota from Stratham, Scotland three years ago -- mainly to experience a new culture while they were young enough to move freely. (05/15/2005)
The United Nations reports that the estimated number of people dying of hunger has gone up for the first time in nine years. One Twin Cities non-profit group is trying mightily to improve the situation. (12/30/2004)
The Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota got lucky when it asked the Smithsonian in Washington if it could host a traveling exhibit about Martin Luther King Jr. The Smithsonian just happened to have an opening in its schedule for this year's Martin Luther King holiday. (01/17/2003)
A new exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota displays the history and significance of something that happened about 1,000 years ago. It was then that the Vikings of northern Europe landed their ships on North American soil. The exhibit has been touring the country for more than two years. (11/22/2002)