Minnesota Public Radio Staff Officers

Jon McTaggart, the president of MPR, is also a member of the Board of Trustees. (E-mail: jmctaggart@americanpublicmedia.org) The following persons are not members of the Board of Trustees, but they are staff officers of the organization, appointed by the President under authority of the Board:

Deborah Clark, Vice President; Executive Producer, Marketplace
E-mail: dclark@americanpublicmedia.org

Morris Goodwin, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
E-mail: mgoodwin@americanpublicmedia.org

David W Kansas, Executive Vice President
E-mail: dkansas@americanpublicmedia.org

Nick Kereakos, Chief Technology Officer; Vice President Technology, Operations, Engineering, & Music Services
E-mail: nkereakos@americanpublicmedia.org

Judy McAlpine, Senior Vice President & International and Affiliate Partners
E-mail: jmcalpine@americanpublicmedia.org

Mette McLoughlin, Senior Vice President; Chief Human Resources Officer
E-mail: mmcloughlin@americanpublicmedia.org

Mary S Nease, Senior Vice President & Chief Audience Development Officer
E-mail: mnease@americanpublicmedia.org

Mike Reszler, Chief Digital Officer & Vice President for Innovations and Digital Strategy and Content
E-mail: mreszler@americanpublicmedia.org

Timothy T Roesler, Senior Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer, Minnesota Public Radio
E-mail: troesler@americanpublicmedia.org

Sylvia Strobel, Senior Vice President & General Counsel
E-mail: sstrobel@americanpublicmedia.org

Randi Yoder, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer
E-mail: ryoder@americanpublicmedia.org