Information on Minnesota Public Radio
and the Central Corridor LRT

What's Happening at MPR regarding LRT?

The Met Council and Minnesota Public Radio are working together to find and implement a solution to the issues that MPR has been experiencing related to the Green Line light-rail tracks outside of its Saint Paul Broadcast Center. Vehicles crossing the Green Line tracks are causing significant vibration and resulting in noise in some of MPR's production and broadcast studios.

MPR has been and will continue to work closely with the Met Council in their effort to find a solution to this problem and bring it into compliance. The Met Council has repeatedly reassured MPR that they are committed to meeting the terms of the Mitigation Agreement.


• In 2009, MPR and the Metropolitan Council signed a binding Mitigation Agreement that specifies criteria for vibration and noise, including vibration and noise caused by vehicles crossing the tracks. (The current vibration and noise caused by traffic crossing the tracks is in excess of the criteria in the agreement.)

• The vibration criteria specified in the 2009 Mitigation Agreement were proposed by the Met Council and are simply a reflection of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines for transit-generated noise and vibration operating near a recording studios/broadcast facilities. These exact guidelines were included in the Met Council's Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), which the Met Council submitted to the FTA for final approval of the project's federal funding. Minnesota Public Radio agreed to incorporate these FTA standard guidelines into our agreement with the Met Council.

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